Why John Ritenour is Using Positive Corporate Culture at the Insurance Office of America

Organizations are supposed to have a culture that defines their way of doing things. No organization can have similar operational approaches, especially in the same sector. That is why businesses have been working on having some of the cultures that define how they are different from other companies in the same industry. John Ritenour has managed to make sure that the Insurance office of America has a corporate culture that has been very beneficial to the organization.

Ethical operations seem to be the framework that John Ritenour has been using to handle some of the significant operational issues that it has been experiencing in the business environment. There have been some arguments that insurance organizations have not been the best when it comes to paying attention to ethical issues. However, the Insurance Office of America has been very effective in addressing all the necessary ethical aspects that are demanded by the industry.

Another cultural attribute that John Ritenour has brought at the Insurance Office of America involves respecting its customers and other industry stakeholders. This means that the company has been listening to the needs of its customers with the primary goal focused on being the best. The company has to ensure that it is also looking for some of the best strategies and techniques that can help it to avoid unnecessary competition with other companies in the same industry.

According to John Ritenour, working hard is another important strategy that the IOA has been using to remain relevant in the changing industry. There are some obvious challenges that organizations have been trying to address in this market. However, the best approach that the company can use is to work hard. This is the only way that it will overcome the competition that it has been getting from other companies in the same sector.

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