Tom Keane Microsoft On Hardware Configuration

Tom Keane talks about how Microsoft has a rich history of supporting developers of all kinds. From helping them create great apps and games to ensuring their code works across devices, there’s always something exciting going on at the company. You’ll also receive expert guidance and technical assistance from Microsoft experts.


Microsoft will be there throughout your journey to help you master skills, achieve milestones, and become an industry leader. To join you, all you need is passion, curiosity, and grit – plus a willingness to challenge yourself. Software engineer Tom Keane explains that Microsoft is expanding its reach across all devices to bring computing experiences to every person. 


Up to now, the outstanding Microsoft Corporation is totally focused on expanding its efforts to empower you with the tools to create amazing things in space by developing an on-orbit compute architecture. Tom Keane informs how at Microsoft we are working with satellite operators around the globe to bring high-performance computing capability to your satellite network.


We are creating an operating system designed specifically for orbital computing, Tom Keane adds. Also, we enable developers to write code once and run it everywhere, regardless of platform, network architecture, or hardware configuration. Our solution enables you to create your spacecraft and deploy them anywhere in the solar system. For example, we provide easy access to the cloud infrastructure in Microsoft Azure at low cost and high availability. All your programs will execute directly on the onboard processor; no additional software is required.

Last but not least, Microsoft Corporation and Loft Orbital have partnered to create an innovative technology that will allow users to rapidly design, test, and deploy satellite services from within Microsoft Azure. These services could range from web apps to low-latency video streaming. Tom Keane finally adds that by combining Loft’s unique cloud platform and Microsoft’s expertise in operating system virtualization and management, we aim to accelerate development cycles and reduce costs while improving customer service.