Thomas Neyhart, CEO of PosiGen, Discusses the Future of Solar Energy

The world of renewable energy is growing at an exponential rate. With such a high rate, there will be many changes in the solar energy industry. And not just change as in “solar energy will become a big deal in the next few years. Thomas Neyahrt recalls that new standards have made it easier for companies like PosiGen to develop and sell solar panel products. While the details are still being worked out, we know this is great news for solar energy users and investors. 


What is the Future of Solar Energy?

We can expect several changes in the industry and a rise in solar panel products. Thomas Neyhart has shared that the world expects a rise in digital technology. This will make tracking the production and shipment of solar energy products easier. As the industry becomes more digital, we can also expect it to become more efficient.


Why is the Future of Solar Energy Important?

The future of solar energy is crucial because it will affect how we power our homes, businesses, and entire countries. Many countries are already switching to renewable energy for the environment and public health. But the best part is that these countries will continue to power their economies with renewable energy. 


How is the Future of Solar Energy Being Developed?

According to Thomas Neyhart, technological advancements drive the future of solar energy. The most important of these advancements in digital technology. We can also expect a rise in automation. 


This will make tracking the production and shipment of solar energy products easier. We can also expect the solar power industry to become more efficient, as CEO Thomas Neyhart adds. This is because currently, it will be a lot easier to automate the production and purchasing of solar panels. It will also be easier to connect them with automated trackers and sensors. This will make it possible to generate more energy from a panel and use fewer materials to create them.


PosiGen’s CEO on the Future of Solar Energy

Up to now, there is a lot to look forward to in the future of solar energy at PosiGen solar firm. We can expect improvements in digital technology, efficiency, and automation,  CEO Thomas Neyhart finally adds. These advancements within the solar power industry will make it easier to produce and ship solar panels and connect them to sensors and trackers. This will make the entire process more efficient. With the right PosiGen panels, you can expect to generate 20% more energy than current panels.