The Career of Fortress Investment Group Co-Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is one of the founders and top executives of the financial services firm known as Fortress Investment Group. For over twenty years, he has helped Fortress Investment Group become one of the leading investment firms in the world. Over the course of his career, he has spent a number of years in high-level management positions in the financial services industry. He has been a managing director, a principal and also a chief executive officer. Today, Randal Nardone is the co-chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Prior to working in the financial sector, Randal was a lawyer who worked at one of the top law firms in the industry. In a recent poll, Randal was named to the Forbes list of billionaires and among the richest Americans and more

Before Randal began his career in law and finance, he first completed a couple of education programs. His first education program was at the University of Connecticut where he would study both English and biology. Randal Nardone would complete a bachelor’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in biology. After completing his undergraduate degree programs, Nardone went on to law school at Boston University. He finished a law degree and earned his JD within a few years. Randal would then begin his career. Once graduating from law school, Randal Nardone begins his career in the legal field. He joined the law firm Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood and served as an attorney. Over the course of several years, Randal would experience much success and eventually reach a high-level position. Nardone was eventually named to the firm’s executive committee. At this position, he would begin showcasing his leadership skills and abilities. This helped the law firm reach a number of its goals.

Within the next several years, Randal Nardone would move on to pursue a career in finance. He would first begin working in the financial sector by joining the investment firm Blackrock Financial Management. While working at this firm, he would serve as the principal which was a high-level executive position. Shortly after his stint at Blackrock Financial Management, Nardone would join another top investment firm known as UBS. While at this firm, Nardone served as its managing director. By 1998, Randal would start up Fortress Investment Group which became one of the top private equity investment firms in the world. At this firm, he has been a member of the management committee and also a high-ranking executive.