Fabletics Is Doing Well

Fabletic is a store that Kate Hudson opened up, and it is doing fantastic. She has created quite a customer base, and the women that shop with her, love her designs. They look forward to when she will have more coming out. It looks like she will have a lot of success creating designs for her customer base, because they love her ideas.


When Kate Hudson markets her products and services, she goes online. This is because online marketing offers lot of plusses for her, and she can develop quite a relationship with her customers by doing so online. This is called reverse showroom techniques, and that is what is creating a huge success for Kate Hudson. She is even holding her own against her biggest competitor, Amazon.com.


Amazon.com and other big companies also use the reverse showroom techniques. They do not have physical stores that they stock, and they sell online, both products and services.


Kate Hudson combines the two. She uses reverse showroom techniques, and online marketing to gain quite a it of the market share. She is doing very well, and she will continue to do so, as her ideas are catching the eyes of many customers.


She has a newsletter that the women can sign up for. This keeps them up-to-date, on her latest designs, stores and other information. She also has a club that they can join, and they will receive items that she thinks they will like in the mail every month. They buy what they want, and send the rest back. This way they are getting what they want at all times, making it a pleasurable shopping experience for them, and they want to do more business with her. This works out very well.


With the club, she can tell what a woman might be interested in buying, and she sends those types of items to their home. This is because of the online marketing that helps her gather information about each one of her customers.


All in all, Kate Hudson, and her Fabletics company are a huge success. She plans to open up at least three more physical stores this year, but will be using the reverse showroom techniques with them also. They are likely to do as well as the other ones, because she places them in areas that she knows will get her the most attention.


The marketing strategy that she is using is working out well for her. She looks forward to the future with great hopes that she will continue to be a great success.

Squaw Valley Issues Water Quality Statement

In early November, E. Coli and coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water of Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Since then, Squaw Valley has been working closely with Placer County Environmental Health both to resolve the issue and to ensure that skiers can continue to safely use the facilities in the meantime.


Their efforts have seen results. A water quality report shows no E. Coli and a very low level of coliform bacteria in three out of four drinking wells. Restaurants remain closed but skiers are provided with bottled water and are able to ski as usual.


Squaw valley released a statement on November 30th with details about the issue. It states that the issue came from an “unusually heavy rainstorm” that overloaded a recently upgraded system. The combination of unexpected weather and a new, untested system led to the contamination of the water. It reassures readers that the contamination was detected during routine water testing and that contaminated water was never made available for public consumption. The statement ends saying that customer safety is “paramount to (Squaw Valley)” and that the issue is being taken “very seriously.” In the meantime, skiers are being provided with bottled water and are still allowed full access to facilities. As soon as experts verify that the water is clean and safe to drink, access to drinking water will be restored.


While E. Coli and coliform are dangerous contaminants, Squaw Valley is handling the situation in the safest way possible. They are working hard to make the water safe for consumption and to make sure that customers can ski with minimal interruption until repairs are made. Squaw valley will be issuing an update when the water is safe.