Online Trading Academy SEC Recap

The word education is thrown out a lot when it comes to online trading. Everyone wants to provide a course or other material to “educate” an individual on the process. Not all education is treated equally. So OTA sought to gain the opinion of a third party to get feedback on this situation. They requested that Dr. Jeffrey H. Harris who is the Chair in Finance at the infamous Goldman Sachs. Dr. Harris was selected to review OTA’s online educational materials in the extended learning track (XLT).

This is an all-in-one educational track for a trading platform called CLIK. Dr. Harris concluded that OTA had great educational materials and principles in their course. Dr. Harris mentioned they have a sound economical theory on a University level of education. He went on to mention that the material had lifelong values for the students of OTA. This course offers value in online trading that can be life-changing to the students. Not all educational outlets to trading offer the type of value that OTA offers.

The all-in-one inclusive version they have covers a variety of material to enhance trader success and teaches risk assessment as well. Many other styles of courses have bits and pieces of what it takes to become a successful trader. OTA covers all ground to ensure an individual with be best equipped for the trading world. This is what is meant by saying that all education is not created equal. Seeking the third-party assistance of Dr. Harris will put to rest the question of if OTA has value in their educational system. Dr. Harris added that CLIK is unlike any other trading platform out there that he has seen. The technology allows for a disciplined approach to trading and other platforms do not offer the same value.