Joseph Ashford Career Journey

Joseph Ashford Bournemouth is popularly known as an established entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the Megamind behind the establishment of K4 Global, a multi-faceted marketing company. He also founded The Butterfly Foundation, dedicated to helping children suffering from epidermolysis bullosa.

Joseph Ashford Ellis was brought up in a humble background. Despite him growing up in challenges, they shaped him to be a better version of himself and grow up with the best character. His life was tragic, full of moments he would bring deep sorrow after losing both his parents and sister. These painful moments taught him to always appreciate the small things and learn that every second counts. Joseph Ashford Ellis also learned to have gratitude in everything he did and towards everyone he met. This attitude motivates him to join several charities drives and give back to the community.

His drive to work hard started at an early age as he was determined to achieve his dreams. In his early career stages, Joseph Ashford Ellis worked in several industries, where he gained extensive experience in financial investment strategies. He also had excellent skills that he used to support startup businesses in implementing scalable solutions to help them develop to the next levels.

Joseph Ashford Bournemouth established K4 global in 2014. The company has since been dedicated to supporting businesses in diverse fields such as media, real estate, and the tech world. The company identifies people with goals and interests, and it trains and stirs its team members to drive the company vision forward. The company’s success depends on the teamwork from its members dedicated to conducting extensive research to help Cleary understand the customer’s needs to meet their project expectations. The team is also dedicated to keeping up with the major emerging trends to keep their client’s projects up to date.