Interesting Things About IM Academy

IM Academy is an academic institution that has its headquarters in New York City. It holds 90% of its operations on its website. This was because of the founders’ vision towards reaching students all over the world.

The idea for IM Academy was started by Christopher Terry. Christopher is an expert trader and the CEO of the academy. He believed that the best way to give back to society was by empowering people with education. He believed that education would be a great tool to enrich the lives of many people.

Terry was introduced to forex trading by a friend who taught him how the trade works. His friend’s influence allowed Terry to reach path’s he could not previously achieve. IM Academy was established through the partnership of himself and his wife Isis De La Torre. It was a way to fulfill other people’s dream of being empowered.

IM’s Learning Structure

The main objective of the academy is to increase the availability of educational resources. Its structure involves the classification of the courses it offers into four academies. The academies are accessed through monthly subscriptions. The students can gain huge discounts by opting to study for all the academies and getting a 50% discount on monthly subscription for all the academies. For iPhone user visit this app for additional information.

Learning in IM Academy takes place through the use of pre-recorded videos and live online sessions. The pre-recorded videos are done by hired IM educators. The academy has a key standard of only hiring experienced and expert forex traders. They believe that the skill would replicate best to their students if teaching was done by people who knew better.

The GoLive interactive sessions were structured to happen within the course study. Each topic that the student learnt had a one-hour live session. The sessions were set up to increase interaction between students and educators. They also set them to ensure that all the students’ questions are answered directly.


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