Georgette Mulheir: Corruption in Haiti denies Vulnerable People Access to Basic Services

Up to now, corruption has been a dangerous trend that has been interfering with the growth and prosperity of the developing world for many years. There is documented evidence that most of these nations have been cultivating corruption policies and strategies for very many years. That is why they have been unable to address some of the historical challenges they have been facing for many years (Muckrack).


However, the outstanding levels of corruption in the Haitian country cannot be compared to what has already been recorded in other developing countries around the world. Currently, it is obvious that everything that the political class in Haiti has been undertaking is always under the control and influence of corrupt policies. According to Georgette Mulheir, most of the major policies that the country has formulated in recent times have been motivated by corruption and are specifically meant to benefit some few individuals in the entire country.


What makes matters worse in Haiti is that citizens and ordinary people cannot easily access the basic services from the government. Even worse, every other individual is required to pay some money so that they can get the services that they are entitled to get for free. Unfortunately, this happens in every city of Haiti. This is the main reason why the people who have been accessing government services are the rich and those who are politically connected.


About Georgette Mulheir


Georgette Mulheir has discussed the level of corruption in the country for very many years. Something needs to be done to help in addressing the corruption tendencies that have already led to the collapse of the country. According to Georgette Mulheir, efforts by international bodies can help in restoring order in the country.


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