Eric Lefkofsky the CEO of Tempus Company

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of most countries worldwide. It earns more income, and you will never regret it once you venture into it unless you lack the essential skills for business operation. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the people who can testify how great business has helped change his life. Eric Lefkofsky is 52 years old and is the founder of Tempus as one of his latest achievements as far as business is concerned. 


When a brilliant idea crosses your mind, it is always wise not to ignore it. Eric developed entrepreneurship even though he never studied it in university as his career. The idea crossed his mind immediately after they graduated from law school when his friend Brad Keywell purchased a clothing company from borrowed money. After graduating, Eric Lefkofsky came up with a brilliant business idea to start the Tempus Company. That was after he was involved in several businesses, of which some succeeded, and soma did not. 


As a business person, quitting should never be an option, however much you have failed. You should always have the heart to keep going or even find a better alternative solution to the problem. That is what kept Eric Lefkofsky going. The Tempus company majors in offering technological solutions to the healthcare sector. It enables physicians to provide personalized cancer care to cancer patients. Eric Lefkofsky also serves as the company’s CEO, where he uses the skills he gained to offer efficient services to the patients. Cancer has become a significant threat to people worldwide. It has claimed so many lives, and many people are still suffering from it. Therefore starting the Tempus company was a great idea.

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