Edgar Corona Smart Fit Expansion Post Pandemic

Edgard Corona runs Smartfit, the largest gym in South America with over two million customers. Operating in mostly Brazil and Latin America, its customers bring in around $30 million monthly. With the pandemic, all units were closed worldwide, and all student fees stopped.

Smartfit’s parent company Bio Ritmo adopted a system in which all its 2.7 million are accommodated while balancing the cash flow of the main staff. Deploying a digital platform already in its production stages, it engages with over one million students who attend its gyms daily. Starting by offering several free online classes, its main aim is to encourage all participants to use materials around their homes as weights. It reached over 8 million people in Brazil and more than 800,000 different people daily for the live training.

Bio Ritmo had invested over $1 billion for 238 new units. The plans changed as all 797 gyms across Latin America were closed. The new number Edgard Corona now expects to open post-pandemic is only 170 new gyms, with the rest of the money to be used as a cushion against the hard economy.

SmartFit is reopening its gyms slowly by following the trends of other networks in other countries. Fewer treadmills will be available on the floors to allow spacing among students. It’s still expected to freeze risk group clients’ monthly fees. Following the Chinese blueprint, it’s expected that more individuals will sign up for gym memberships.

With over 50% of all students registered showing up for sessions on reopening, the demand grew higher. During the festive season, cancellations were few to none. New customers who have never been physically active rose by 34% in a statistic run by its team led by Edgard Corona. A sense of awareness on health having been raised post-pandemic.

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