Citizen App: Supplements Your Safety With Paid Safety Agent Service

Citizen App, a free crime app with the mission to build a safer community, and empower individuals to take ownership of their security, has just announced that they have rolled out their first paid tool – safety agents. Users can now contribute directly to the safety of their neighborhood by paying for an extra set of eyes and ears on patrol.

They originally started as “Vigilante” in 2016 but was ultimately pulled thanks to accusations of promoting vigilantism. The app was rebranded and used to offer caution by warning citizens of dangerous incidents in their area, often before the police have responded to them.

Safety agents are civilians who step up in light of sparse police presence or surges in crime, walking through neighborhoods on foot and reporting any untoward events back to Citizen’s sophisticated mapping system. The safety agents’ data is aggregated and contributed to law enforcement in aggregate to have a clearer picture of where their patrols are needed most.

Citizen App uses a proprietary algorithm to determine when there are not enough agents patrolling a neighborhood, in which case it will send safety agents to fill in the gap. If a safety agent goes offline, a replacement is quickly dispatched.

Notably, the app can connect users with safety agents that live in their neighborhood – it is not a tool for patrolling random neighborhoods. Citizens only connect with agents who reside in their part of town, and all safety agents have to have a verified home address.

Citizen App users can also leave safety agents anonymous praise or tips on their performance. If the tips are positive, the agent receives a tip, and if they’re negative, the safety agent will get an alert so they can make any necessary improvements.

With the safety agents feature, Citizen is successfully addressing the issue of reduced police patrols – one of the key reasons people do not feel safe walking alone in their neighborhoods.

This feature is being added to the app in recognition that Citizen is not a security app and should not be used as a replacement for law enforcement. Instead, it is designed to amplify their effectiveness and ensure those police officers patrol the areas genuinely needed. Visit this page for additional information.


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