Sawyer Howitt: Young And Successful

Sawyer Howitt is an entrepreneur who has great advice for millennials that aim to pursue their own business ventures. In an article by Norcal.News, Howitt reveals some of the most lucrative industries for millennial entrepreneurs that are capable of thinking outside of the box and honing in on their skills.

According to Sawyer Howitt some of the fastest growing industries for millennials include relaxation beverages, corporate wellness, gourmet street vending, social network game development, online survey software, the natural food industry, and 3D printing. The demand for these industries has continued to rapidly grow, creating an abundance of opportunities. Sawyer Howitt also added that some of the best cities, for young entrepreneurs to thrive in, are San Fransisco, Austin, and Salt Lake City.

Sawyer Howitt has already gained huge success for himself at what most would consider a very young age. It seems as though he has always been able to understand the operations and finance aspect of a business. Howitt first worked at KURE Juice bar in Portland, where he learned an array of customer service skills.

He later worked as a business strategy analyst with RFID Checkout. Working his way up, he now holds the title of project manager with The Meriwether Group.

Sawyer is incredibly business savvy but he caters to many other things in his spare time. He is a skilled racquetball player, and likes fishing and keeping up with all of the latest trends. He has also been involved in philanthropic, educational funding, and women’s rights groups. Sawyer Howitt has served as a mentor to other millennials and will continue to leave his mark on the entrepreneurs and businesses of today.