Is Russia Manipulating Republican Attacks on George Soros?

In this recent article on the Politico website, it’s alleged Russia is leading the anti-George Soros positions of some Republicans.

The two groups both perceive George Soros as an enemy. Though whether or not that makes them allies in the old-fashioned “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” point of view is open to debate. Republican lawmakers Senator Mike Lee of Utah and Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey have accused Soros of using his philothranpic spending to support his liberal political causes.

According to a letter the two politicians wrote on March 14 to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Soros is using his Open Society Foundations to further his leftwing, progressive agenda in Europe. Politico says that line comes from Moscow. During the Cold War, Soros did support anti-communist groups in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union that pressed for political freedom. The current government in Moscow views Soros’s continued support for civil groups as a plot to turn the former communist countries into pro-Western democracies that would oppose Moscow and its positions.

The Politico writer acknowledges that Soros’s efforts to promote democracy and get rid of corruption in Eastern Europe and Russia are aligned with traditional Republican positions. And traditional Republicans did have reason to oppose George Soros on American domestic issues. Soros has supported many Democratic political candidates.

However, the post-Trump victory Republican parties are more nationalist. And therefore some nationalist politicians in Eastern Europe are seeking more international support for their own campaigns against Soros and the many foundations he funds. Read more about George’s life story at

The two Republican lawmakers are now focused on Macedonia and, to some extent, Albania. Macedonia is going through a political crisis where a rightwing party is contending for power with a leftwing party. Is the United States funding one group over another by funding a Soros-aligned group in that country?

The president of the Open Society Foundations, Chris Stone, has expressed the opinion that the election of President Trump encourages autocratic regimes to resist the reforms that the Open Society Foundations try to bring. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Meanwhile, Russia is trying to use the political turnoil in Macedonia to increase their influence in that country. The letter the two Republican lawmakers wrote gave them a propaganda victory. The State Department denies that they have taken sides in Macedonia’s political crisis. (Macedonia was part of the former Yugoslavia.)

The State Department does acknowledge that USAID gave three grants to Foundation Open Society – Macedonia over the past 15 years. Those are mainly to support iniatives to education the country’s Roma population. The Open Society Foundation has said it has worked with over the past 15 years with independent organizations to support human rights, accountability and good government in the country.

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Squaw Valley Issues Water Quality Statement

In early November, E. Coli and coliform bacteria were discovered in the drinking water of Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. Since then, Squaw Valley has been working closely with Placer County Environmental Health both to resolve the issue and to ensure that skiers can continue to safely use the facilities in the meantime.


Their efforts have seen results. A water quality report shows no E. Coli and a very low level of coliform bacteria in three out of four drinking wells. Restaurants remain closed but skiers are provided with bottled water and are able to ski as usual.


Squaw valley released a statement on November 30th with details about the issue. It states that the issue came from an “unusually heavy rainstorm” that overloaded a recently upgraded system. The combination of unexpected weather and a new, untested system led to the contamination of the water. It reassures readers that the contamination was detected during routine water testing and that contaminated water was never made available for public consumption. The statement ends saying that customer safety is “paramount to (Squaw Valley)” and that the issue is being taken “very seriously.” In the meantime, skiers are being provided with bottled water and are still allowed full access to facilities. As soon as experts verify that the water is clean and safe to drink, access to drinking water will be restored.


While E. Coli and coliform are dangerous contaminants, Squaw Valley is handling the situation in the safest way possible. They are working hard to make the water safe for consumption and to make sure that customers can ski with minimal interruption until repairs are made. Squaw valley will be issuing an update when the water is safe.