Exploring the Interior Designing and Architecture in Richard Mishaan Design Way

Richard Mishaan Design, a renowned architect and interior designer cum the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, is known for experimenting and exploring better ways to perform interior designing and architecture. Mishaan has offered his high-quality work to mainly residences and hotels in New York, and he says that he is unhappy people looking at his works and feel like it is less expensive. He focuses only on the great atmosphere and impression than the amount of money spent on it. However, he can also provide lavish spreads similar to duplex penthouses in Lower Manhattan for businessmen. In one such case, Mishaan created even a limestone stair hall with walls showcase a basket-weave pattern.



Mishaan explains his interior designing adventures through his book “Artfully Modern” to his readers and interior designing enthusiasts. He advocates using quality products which can be long-lasting; Mishaan uses same sofas for almost two decades at his Upper East Side apartment. “They are re-upholstered once, however, looking great,” he said. Richard Mishaan also reveals his affinity for colors through the book and explains about a bright blue-and-white kitchen of his apartment along with plaids, stripes, and stitches everywhere. He also shared how he did interior designing for a hotel named Shelborne Wyndham Grand located in South Beach as a boutique one. Richard Mishaan generated design schemes for the rooms and public spaces for the hotel. His Cartagena home is following a uniform pattern throughout the interior, including same bed, red doors, one marble style, and ebonized wood. Additionally, every bathroom comes with same fittings, same sinks, and looks exactly same.



Richard Mishaan is born in Cartagena, Columbia, and his taste in fashion, interior design, and architecture brought him into the industry. He is known as a person with the clear understanding on luxury and quality and committed to providing impressive and great-quality solutions to his customers.



Mishaan completed his Bachelor of Arts from New York University and later did Architecture from Columbia University. He started his career with Philip Johnson as an apprentice and advanced his expertise in various architecture forms and interior designing styles. Apart from Artfully Modern, Richard Mishaan also wrote Modern Luxury published in 2009, and that explains the various interior designing styles.