EOS Lip Balm: A Video Review

Many of us have heard of the brand EOS. “What does EOS stand for?” you ask. It stands for Evolution Of Smooth. What a fitting name for a brand that sells lip balm and hand and body lotions. They have various flavors of lip balm from vanilla bean to sweet mint to everything in between.

Video Review

In a video review, first-time user Aja describes her experience. She explains that she has been looking for an “all-natural, cute, and nice-smelling lip balm” and that she has “finally came across EOS.” She stated that one of her girlfriends had told her about EOS, but she has never personally seen it at the stores. One day, she went to Target and saw the brand. What caught her eye was the packaging. She said it was cute and looked like an egg. As she picked up the product, she read the packaging and what kind of ingredients the lip balm had in it. It states that it is “one hundred percent natural and ninety-five percent organic.” Fruit oil, beeswax, coconut oil, seed oil, and shea butter are listed as the top five ingredients that the product contains. She goes on to say that it is a “USDA certified organic lip balm.” After reading that, she said she immediately bought the product. The video continues as she “un-boxes” the product and takes a smell. This flavor of lip balm is strawberry sorbet. She goes on to say that the lip balm is, “just delicious.” Applying the product is kept at a minimal since it keeps the lips soft throughout the day.

In summary, she goes on to talk about different price points and how the packaging can be recycled. In the beginning of the video Aja states that after her experience she is now “obsessed” with the brand.