Bhanu Choudhrie: A Famous Entrepreneur who has Transformed the Aviation Industry

Bhanu Choudhrie is one of the few striking entrepreneurs with a deep-seated passion for helping businesses scale into new ranks. The London resident boasts a well-curated professional career in helping individuals and companies get as far as achieving their professional goals. Over the years, the British-Indian businessman has garnered global recognition for his outstanding accomplishments. Sure, the entrepreneur is an alumnus of the University of Boston. During his tenure, he pursued his degree and amassed valuable knowledge in international business and marketing.

Bhanu Choudhrie’s newly acquired skills saw him fulfill his entrepreneurial drive by initiating Alpha Aviation Group in London. Additionally, he flaunts spearheading the company to greatness. Under his leadership, Alpha Aviation Group has augmented its global footprints and boasts training over 1000 airline pilots from various countries. Of course, Bhanu Choudhrie is the epitome of success. He brings forth consulting and advising services to various venture capitalists. Most interestingly, the acclaimed businessman develops solutions for several client companies in different sectors.

Alpha Aviation Group chose UAE and the Philippines as its training centers due to the increasing demand for air travel in the Middle East, China, Asia, India, Philippines. Nevertheless, the company features a unique training program introduced in 2006. As the pioneer, the MPL training program takes nearly 74 weeks to complete.

It nurtures students from a decimal level to hero cadet. No doubt, this amazing program launched by Bhanu Choudhrie has made the company stand out in the airline industry. The condensed course hones student’s skills and expands their knowledge in handling the technologically-advanced planes. Bhanu Choudhrie private training school has produced well-qualified pilots cutting across every major airline for over a decade. And the remarkable investor and entrepreneur have carved a name for himself in international scope and emerging Asian markets. Bhanu Choudhrie’s: Twitter.