Barry Lall Enjoying Being Hotelier After Medical Field

Barry Lall has always had a dream to be a successful entrepreneur, but his life growing up made him go down the path of becoming a medical doctor. Barry grew up in Nyasaland, which is a British colony located in southeastern Africa. Growing up he and his family did not have the basic necessities that most modern places do.

When he was a teen his family moved to Zambia. Here his father went from being a teacher to a store owner. This is where Barry got his first taste of working with people. His father would sometimes have him be in charge of the store front, where Barry would interact with customers. Even though Barry loved doing this, the instability of his family life had him feeling like he needed to go into the medical field.

Once Barry moved to the United States to do his medical internship he realized that while he enjoyed the problem-solving of figuring out what was wrong, and then coming up with a solution was not what made him happy. It was always in the back of his mind to find something else that would make him happy.

When he saw an ad for a 12-room motor lodge, he knew it was time to make the change. While it was a scary leap, his family knew how unhappy he really was in the medical field. They also supported this change as well. Dr. Barry Lall jumped right into it with his problem-solving skills.

Every day was a happy one, even when faced with problems. Larry taught himself a brand new set of skills that he would need to become successful. After fixing up this motor lodge, he purchased a 117 room and restaurant Days Inn.

After this hotel purchase and fix up he created his own business, Pinnacle Hotels USA. He enjoys finding hotels that are under-performing and turn their business around. He likes looking at the problem the hotel is facing and then coming up with a solution, much like in the medical field. While most of us would not think they are two fields that are alike, Barry Lall has shown us how they are.

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