How has José Auriemo Neto managed to keep JHSF Growing?

The economy of Brazil is among the fastest world’s growing economies. The high growth of the economy is as a result of the rapid growth of the real estate sector. The major company that has played a big role when it comes to infrastructure development of Brazil is JHSF. JHSF is well known for being a market leader in developing residential and commercial properties. JHSF is a market leader in its industry and this is through José Auriemo Neto contributions.

Jose Auriemo is the chairperson and chief executive of JHSF Group. He is heavily involved in all the projects of the company, and his skills have helped the company to grow to become a market leader. He is passionate about helping other people succeed in real estate business. He has great expertise concerning research, and he executes the lucrative opportunities. If you are planning to invest in real estate, then the below pointers from Jose Auriemo will be significant for you.

The first advice before investing in real estate is that you should seek expert guidance. Venturing into real estate business requires that you have proper training and guidance to understand how things are done in the field.

Second, you need to have enough resources necessary for completing the project. The team should also be committed to building, developing, and marketing the project.

Third, you need to know what works and what does not work in real estate because it is a very lucrative business. There are so many options available, but you should understand that experience and education is vital in helping you grow in a challenging industry like real estate.

There are a lot more you can learn from José Auriemo Neto, but the above three-pointers are enough for you to get started and succeed in the real estate business.

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Madison Street Capital Arranged Major Transaction

The investment banking industry is an incredibly competitive industry that is largely run and managed by a variety of major investment banks that have been in operation for more than 100 years. Even though the industry continues to be led by these larger organizations, there continues to be a few smaller organizations that are able to build a strong footprint in the industry. One firm that has continued to build a great footprint in the industry is Madison Street Capital. While Madison Street Capital is much younger than some of the other companies in the field, they have continued to build a great reputation.


For those that are in the industry, the Madison Street Capital reputation continues to point to the company providing great overall service to his clients. While Madison Street Capital continues to be an investment bank, they are able to continue to provide a wide variety of investment advisory services that have helped their clients make some amazing acquisitions and dispositions. The reputation continued to receive a boost over the last weeks as the company has provided great service and guidance for a leading client.


Over the past year, team members at Madison Street Capital have worked with their clients at Sach Capital Group to come up with a strategy to take RMG Networks private. While this looked to be like a very challenging transaction that would come with a lot of different headwinds, Madison Street Capital was able to raise a considerable amount of debt and equity in order to make the deal happen.


The new transaction could be a great deal for Sach Capital Group. The RMG Networks organization is a leading provider of signage media hardware and software. They currently provide services to more than half of all companies that are listed on the Fortune 500 and there is still plenty of room for growth. Due to the debt and equity provided by Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Parners, there is a considerable potential for a strong ROI.


This is just the latest major transaction that was led by Madison Street Capital. Over the past few years, the company has been able to organize a variety of acquisitions dispositions, equity raises, and venture debt originations. All of these transactions have helped the organization to gain a reputation for being a go-to service provider for those that are in need of investment banking advisory services


Industry peers have also recognized the strong services provided by the company. Over the past few years, Madison Street has been recognized at a variety of different industry awards presentations, which shows that they are continuing to gain an impressive following. Madison Street will continue to look for additional ways to serve clients as well.


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CloudWick Uses the Latest Technology to Keep Data Safe

There are many companies that are in the business of storing massive amounts of data for businesses around the world. However, some companies are much better at this than others. One of the data storage companies to gain a large share of the market in a short period of time has been CloudWick. This California company has quickly developed a stellar reputation in the data storage industry. Both large and small businesses are using this company for all of their data storage needs. One of the reasons why they have become so successful so quickly is that they have taken a different approach to data storage than all of their competitors. They have chosen to develop their own technology to make sure the data of their clients is well protected.

The technology that is employed by CloudWick has taken many years to develop and perfect. The service that has gained the most attention in tech circles is called the Data Lake. This is a super secure way for businesses to have all of their data in one location that they can access quickly and securely. The response to the Data Lake has been far beyond anything they expected. The company has grown faster than any other data storage company in the past five years. They are constantly hiring new people. They are also in the process of building a new office.

CloudWick carefully oversees the protection of the data stored by all of their clients. Their Data Lake accounts are monitored at all times for the slightest sign that a breech is being attempted by a hacker. They have various security protocols that automatically go into effect if something like this should happen. The confidence of the businesses that use CloudWick is very high.

CloudWick has recently announced that they will be introducing some new services in the next few months. However, they have not yet indicated what these services would be related to. They did reveal that they will be branching out into other areas that do not involve data storage. They want to help their clients in a variety of areas.

EOS Lip Balm: A Video Review

Many of us have heard of the brand EOS. “What does EOS stand for?” you ask. It stands for Evolution Of Smooth. What a fitting name for a brand that sells lip balm and hand and body lotions. They have various flavors of lip balm from vanilla bean to sweet mint to everything in between.

Video Review

In a video review, first-time user Aja describes her experience. She explains that she has been looking for an “all-natural, cute, and nice-smelling lip balm” and that she has “finally came across EOS.” She stated that one of her girlfriends had told her about EOS, but she has never personally seen it at the stores. One day, she went to Target and saw the brand. What caught her eye was the packaging. She said it was cute and looked like an egg. As she picked up the product, she read the packaging and what kind of ingredients the lip balm had in it. It states that it is “one hundred percent natural and ninety-five percent organic.” Fruit oil, beeswax, coconut oil, seed oil, and shea butter are listed as the top five ingredients that the product contains. She goes on to say that it is a “USDA certified organic lip balm.” After reading that, she said she immediately bought the product. The video continues as she “un-boxes” the product and takes a smell. This flavor of lip balm is strawberry sorbet. She goes on to say that the lip balm is, “just delicious.” Applying the product is kept at a minimal since it keeps the lips soft throughout the day.

In summary, she goes on to talk about different price points and how the packaging can be recycled. In the beginning of the video Aja states that after her experience she is now “obsessed” with the brand.

Stream Energy : Community First

Very few people associate corporations with charitable foundations, in fact only a few companies were on the ground after Hurricane Harvey’s landfall and leftover destruction on the city of Houston and surrounding areas. One of these, however, goes above and beyond all year round for the community, Stream Energy in conjunction with their foundation “Stream Cares was able to bring aid to those affected by the floods. This new venture into philanthropy by corporations is picking up, some call it a good thing others a publicity stunt, whichever lane you fall on, there is no doubt that good is still coming out of this.

We spoke a little about how companies are using philanthropic ventures to acquire more customers and earn respect from their community, but does it work? Although the data is still out on this, there is no doubt that ventures such as setting up a foundation are a great way to buffer any future issues that the company may run into, such examples would be low profits, layoffs or internal scandals. According to statistic, many companies are already very generous in their donations, in fact over $19 billion dollars where donated by large corporations last year. This, however, does not include actions made by employees through there own free will. Stream Energy employees have consistently gone above and beyond for these foundations, including creating partnerships with other groups such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Stream Energy’s business model is very simple yet effective, it includes having their employees build a network and relationship with their customers to better present their products in an honest and trustworthy manner. Although the profits are a great thing for their employees, many want to do and give more. Through another charitable group by Stream Energy, “Hope Supply Co.” is helping to control the homeless population in Dallas, this includes offering food, shelter and most notability giving homeless children experiences (such as going a water park) that they would have never had the chance to do.

We can count on Stream Energy to continue this incredible trend of giving back to the community, this is one tactic we want every other company to copy in order to better our society as a whole.

Rocketship Education is Persistently Raising the Bar Despite NPR’s Unmerited Report

Recently, Anya Kamenetz published a post about the state of affairs in schools such as Rocketship Education. She questioned many aspects of Rocketship Education’s way of enforcing discipline, providing knowledge and protecting students. The national network of charter schools’ Co-Founder and CEO, Preston Smith, took it to the media to express his dissatisfaction with the NPR blogger’s report.

Preston Smith said that their schools are posing impressive results and that might have been the only true thing that the report pointed out. However, Anya Kamenetz went ahead to taint the success without due diligence. She did not dig in to find exactly how they achieve the results. According to him, they rely on hard work to achieve good results. In any case, parents wouldn’t be recommending Rocketship Education to friends and relatives.

Mr. Smith pointed out that they carried out a survey and found out that 72% of parents recommended Rocketship to others. He said that the results are merited and it is evident from the performance of their alumni students in middle schools. The charter schools’ alumni are topping their classes in middle school and that points towards the quality and credibility of their examining and testing system.

The report also pointed out issues to do with bathroom breaks policing in the schools. Mr. Smith clarified that bathroom management can be so complex and issues emanating from bathroom management are not unique to Rocketship. They leave bathroom breaks to the discretion of their teachers and leaders because they understand the needs of their students better. The charter schools don’t make bathroom management blanket policies.

There are a few cases where students are injured during bathroom breaks. While that is inacceptable, it can’t be used to mean schools with more than 7000 students are unsafe. Preston Smith holds the view that those are challenges that any other elementary school go through and their schools are doing way better than other district elementary schools. If at all there was something to worry about, parents would be the first people to raise alarm.

Technology is used in the schools to advance in-depth learning and knowledge acquisition. While the report portrays Rocketship’s use of technology as inappropriate, the use of technology goes beyond “screen time”.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship was started in 2012 with 450 students only enrolling. It was founded with the mission to avail education to every child and build a good background to students.

Freedom Checks Helps Investors to Access Tax Benefits and Reliefs

A large number of individuals, not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world are looking for opportunities to gain financial freedom and gain sufficient funds that would help them to meet their needs. However, it is difficult to get a good plan to save funds that would support such individuals cater to their needs due to the tough economic times that face people in their workplace. Freedom checks is a reliable company that seeks to offer individuals an important financial program. The program is geared towards helping persons to eradicate economic challenges. A large number of people have financial goals and strategies that would help them to accomplish their goals through a more straightforward approach that they cannot get in other alternatives provided by other organizations.

The company has one of the most reliable paths to financial freedom that individuals should consider. One of the primary benefits of Freedom Checks is that it only requires small amounts for investment opportunities as compared to other investment opportunities that individuals can consider. It is common knowledge that individuals have to part with a huge amount of money if they want to get returns. However, any person who wants to invest with Freedom Checks is only required to part with a small amount of money for investment purposes. Using Freedom Checks to invest means that individuals only use a limited amount of money to get more significant returns.

The advantage is that investment opportunities are always available in the company enabling other individuals to invest and avoid the get-rich-quick strategies that a substantial number of persons have resorted to, with the hope that they will save large funds for their retirement benefits. Additional benefits from this program mean that a significant number of individuals will get tax relief. One thing that any person who is intending to invest in Freedom Checks is that tax breaks are made secret by a large number of investors, which means that only those individuals with sufficient knowledge will have an opportunity to understand the benefits of the program. Investing in this company means that a person has a chance to access tax benefits. Learn More.

Shervin Pishevar Sees a Rocky Economic Future

If you are Shervin Pishevar, you don’t have a lot of optimism about the economy in the near future. That is what the average person would believe after reading tweets posted over a period of 21 hours in February.

Shervin Pishevar Likes Gold Over Bitcoin

The stock market is going to drop 6,000 points while the price of Bitcoin is going to drop to $2,000 according to Shervin Pishevar. This will cause a lot of volatility in bond and currency markets. Therefore, he believes that the price of gold will go up as people look for a safe haven to put their money.

Silicon Valley Is No Longer a Leader

Silicon Valley is no longer the place to go when you want to start a new company. Instead, you could simply start a company wherever you happen to live in the United States or abroad. According to Shervin Pishevar, Uber may be the last company created from scratch that will grow into a mature organization. Over the next several years, companies like Facebook and Amazon will retain control over much of the American startup landscape.

America Lacks Vision

Pishevar believes that America lacks the vision necessary to remain the leading economic power in the world. At some point, China is going to bypass the United States and take over that role. This is because the United States tends to think in the short-term while the Chinese and others have adopted a longer term strategy. Ultimately, a lack of infrastructure will cause the American economy to weaken and become less stable over time.

Elon Musk Will Overcome

If there is anyone who will succeed despite the turbulent market ahead, it is Elon Musk. According to Pishevar, Elon Musk’s SpaceX will be among the companies that will innovate and be an corporate leader in the United States.

Infinity Group Australia Allows Consumers To Regain Control Of Their Finances

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) has recently named Infinity Group Australia as one of the top 100 most innovative companies in the year 2018. Infinity Group Australia focuses largely on reducing the overall debt owed by consumers through a variety of innovative techniques. The list of companies was compiled by a company called Inventium, who are experts in the field of innovation and sought to find the best of the best so that their efforts could be recognized. Infinity Group Australia beat more than one thousand companies for this prestigious title thanks to their unique approach to a problem that plagues so many Australians. One of the company’s founders, Graeme Holm, was ecstatic to receive the title of most innovative company. Holm has more than a decade and a half of experience in the financial industry which inspired him to begin his own financial business which has grown into an award winner. The founder was also recognized as one of the Top 100 Brokers in the country by the IQPC.


Infinity Group Australia reviews have been largely positive. Dozens of families are pleased to see just how much their debt can be reduced and how much less interest they will have to pay over time. In fact, it is estimated that the company is able to save their clients more than $40,000 in just the first year. Additionally, every single client that Infinity Group Australia has worked with has successfully paid off more in the first quarter of a year than they did in the previous four quarters combined. This allows clients to get their financial situation under control far sooner than attempting to do so on their own.


Infinity Group Australia also does a great deal of work to help serve everyday Australian’s as well. High debt figures loom over almost one third of the country’s population making things like housing and basic necessities seem overly expensive and account for a larger and larger portion of their take home pay. They are also highly transparent with their fees. Infinity Group Australia charges a flat fee for all clients to set up an account and to be paired with a banking specialist and then charges 10% of the amount of debt that they help you reduce each year. This leaves no charges up to chance and allows consumers to know exactly what they are getting themselves into up front as opposed to being stuck with a large bill at the end of the process. With companies like Infinity Group Australia leading the financial sector, the future of Australian’s finances looks bright. Learn more:

Jeffrey Aronin’s Company And Its Advancements

For more than 20 years, Jeffrey Aronin has established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs and scientific visionaries in healthcare and biotech. He is one of the most successful leaders in the bioscience sector that addresses the previously unmet needs of patients suffering from rare diseases.


As Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, he has been applying his expertise and business energy to building a leading incubator and investor in the field of innovative biotech companies. The company has a passion for science and innovative new medications and technologies that will take better care of patients whose diseases have few, if any, available treatments.


Paragon Biosciences is a life sciences company that is innovation-based. It develops, finances and accelerates new companies that create major biotechnology and pharmaceutical advancements to improve patient care and develop important medicines. The focus is on patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases that have no effective treatment. The Paragon Biosciences team has succeeded in getting 13 Novel Drug Approvals through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.


Jeffrey Aronin realized that has passion was healthcare when he shadowed a physician who was treating a child with constant seizures. Rather than ordering major brain surgery, the physician decided to use a medicine, which showed Aronin the power of pharmaceuticals. That ended up being a huge impact on his career decision and resulted in his founding a company that would understand a patient’s need, identify diseases having the highest need for treatment options, identify promising science, conduct important and necessary clinical research, and focus on forming a team that would get new medicines approved that would lead to better outcomes for the patients.


Jeff Aronin has helped in the building of Paragon and its portfolio companies by forming a strong team of top talents in the biotech industry as well as incorporating blue-chip investors. The companies develop products that treat rare genetic dermatologic conditions, central nervous system disorders, and immune system diseases. Paragon Biosciences is dedicated to reducing the number of over 6,000 diseases that have no treatment or cure.