Andrew Frame And His Quest To Improve The World

Serial entrepreneur, Andrew Frame, is dedicated to improving the world by keeping people safe. In 2017, he founded Citizen, a company working on an app that uses location with 911 information technology to provide real-time safety alerts. Frame envisioned a mission-oriented company working on consumer products, with potential global scalability, that improves the world. He realized that there were no apps in existence for personal safety. So he started Citizen to fill that need.

Andrew Frame has a long track record of success. He dropped out of high school at the age of 15 to start his first company, an internet service provider. At 17, he took a position at Cisco, working on network architecture. While at CISCO, he became the youngest employee to receive the company’s top technology certification.

With the backing of top technology executives, he left CISCO to found Ooma, a consumer telecommunications company. He was named “one of the top entrepreneurs under the age of 30 most likely to shape the world’s digital future” by Businessweek. Frame left Ooma in 2009. He now spends his time between Los Angeles and New York, serving as CEO of Citizen.

Andrew Frame credits his success with building a solid team around him. He hires smart, mission-driven people. He believes in strategic prioritization and pays close attention to consumer feedback. Citizen app users are frequently invited to team meetings to show how they use the app and suggest improvements. Many top features of the app are the result of consumer feedback.

To foster creativity, Frame encourages Citizen employees to engage in outside hobbies. Andrew Frame spends his free time reading philosophy, literature, and poetry. The books give him new ideas and inspire him. His inspiration to improve the world has led to a new digital tool to keep people safe. Visit this page for more information.


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