Alejandro Betancourt Lopez and His Contribution to Hawkers Company’s Success

Through his innovative ideas to Hawkers Company founders, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez was able to get the company on the right track in a short period. When the company started, it faced financial challenges that made it hard to move from the ground. Four friends founded Hawkers in Spain to become the other version of Craigslist. However, within a short period, the sunglasses company started selling many products, and this is where the idea of expansion came from.

However, expanding the business meant adding more resources, which became difficult for them. This is where the friends decided to talk to Alejandro Betancourt, a successful investor with O’Hara Financials. The entrepreneur’s main task in the Hawkers company was to manage the finances without hindering its growth.

Alejandro Lopez discovered a better way of marketing the company through platforms like Instagram. This was a better way of marketing the company with a better ROI. He used trendy designers impressed by the sunglasses, made a deal with them, and offered a few incentives which would help them market the product to their friends and fans. The idea transformed the company within a short time and more

The company’s customer service was improved, and Alejandro ensured that in case of a problem at any level, the company would communicate with the customers, encouraging them to stick and bring more business. As the company keeps growing, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez continues to seek solutions that other businesses have not yet discovered.

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