Achievements Of Roy Beck

Roy Beck is a dedicated, successful businessman and the CEO of NumbersUSA. He has been recognized as one of the best journalists who positively impacted other people during his career. He was admitted to the University of Missouri, where he graduated as a journalist. The knowledge he got from the school has made an impact since he is one of the most admired writers and reporters.

Three decades before founding NumbersUSA, Roy Beck was a journalist for the Booth Newspapers chain. He was awarded more than two-dozen awards for his environmental and business reporting. Roy wished to do better with his career, and he thought of how to help the United States look after its citizens. In 1991, Roy Beck served as a full-time analyst of U.S. population issues. In 1996, he founded NumbersUSA to conduct immigration suggestions for two national commissions.

Roy Beck as an author, has written two books on religion, ethics, and public policy and two on immigration. His byline has appeared in most trusted sources, including The New York Times and The Los Angeles Times. The Encyclopedia Britannica published one of his investigation reports as one of the essential writings in the 1990s. The report and books favored the creation of the NumbersUSA website. The books became well recognized worldwide, and Roy got other awards.

Roy Beck has a strong belief in teamwork and has worked with others who have similar interests. His idea of an alliance is to help other countries become aware of the importance of controlling immigration. In 1990, he wrote a book explaining how a large population of immigrants may affect a nation and its citizens. The book got him many awards and even led to his invitation to an interview so that people could hear from him. At work, he is a philanthropist helping many people get to know their purpose in life. He takes part in many donations that have been so effective to the poor and the sick. See this page to learn more.


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