Abdulla Al Humaidi: Kuwait European Holding Theme Park Set To Transform Leisure and Entertainment

The London resort, a multi-million-dollar theme park backed by Kuwaiti European Holding, will open in 2024. The park sits on a 530-acre site, and visitors take 17 minutes to access it via train from central London. The London Resort Project has already signed partnerships with Paramount Pictures, ITV studios, and the BBC for various theme rides, among other attractions. The project is led by successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi.

In a recent press statement by London Resort Theme Park project CEO, Gerbeau this destination will help to maximize interactive and immersive technologies to ensure visitors have a great experience. It will be a huge success for tourism. After completion, it will be the top sustainable theme park globally. Abdulla Al Humaidi affirms that the construction will be completed in phases. The first section will be ready for re-opening in 2024 and the second five years later. 

Another unique aspect to expect from the development is that the entrance to the resort will be through a grand plaza, leading visitors and other guests through high shops containing a waterpark, conventional center, restaurants and shops. Abdulla Al Humaidi explains that they’ll even be a wood section that will help blend fantasy and reality. Visitors should expect to see a mix of Mesoamerican civilization and ancient ruins from the theme park.

Another exceptional section of the London theme park project is the Starport which will feature a futuristic landing zone encompassing science-fiction themes as investor Abdulla Al Humaidi informs. This will be the first sustainable theme park in Europe since Disney Paris launched in 1992. The original construction was to start in 2016, but many delays were attributed to the structural and management changes. However, Abdulla Al Humaidi acknowledges that construction is already underway, and it will be ready for opening within the set timelines.