A Recap Of The SF Giants CEO Larry Baer

The San Francisco Giants are one of the most popular teams in Major League Baseball. They have won three World Series Championships, six National League Pennants, and ten West Division titles. Not to mention they are the only team to have not gone through a full year without finishing last in their division. All the above achievements were possible under the leadership of Larry Baer.

He has been with the organization for nearly three decades. The SF Giants CEO is active in various charitable organizations around San Francisco, including The Rotary Club Foundation for Children’s Charities, where he served as chairperson for two years.

Larry Baer also serves on the board at UCSF Medical Center and is president emeritus at The Water Institute at UCSF. After graduating from business school, Larry Baer worked for a number of different companies before coming to work for the San Francisco Giants.

One of his biggest achievements was turning Oracle Park into one of the most successful sports facilities in the country. The Giants CEO has also created a 45-acre entertainment complex surrounding Oracle Park that includes restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, condos, office buildings, shopping centers, and more.

Baer’s primary duty is to oversee and manage day-to-day operations for the Giants. The Giants CEO is also in charge of promoting and marketing the Giants, looking for new opportunities for the team, and making sure the Giants are performing at optimum levels.

Baer usually starts by taking a morning workout before taking coffee and later getting ready to start his day. Apart from baseball, he also loves golf which he plays every Saturday with friends. Sundays are purely dedicated to his wife Pam and the entire family. The SF Giants CEO advises managers to balance family and work because all of them are important. According to Baer, he loves to interact with business-minded people because that’s how he mainly generates his ideas. Visit this page for more information.


Find more information about him on https://www.mlb.com/giants/team/front-office/laurence-baer