Madison Street Capital Arranged Major Transaction

The investment banking industry is an incredibly competitive industry that is largely run and managed by a variety of major investment banks that have been in operation for more than 100 years. Even though the industry continues to be led by these larger organizations, there continues to be a few smaller organizations that are able to build a strong footprint in the industry. One firm that has continued to build a great footprint in the industry is Madison Street Capital. While Madison Street Capital is much younger than some of the other companies in the field, they have continued to build a great reputation.


For those that are in the industry, the Madison Street Capital reputation continues to point to the company providing great overall service to his clients. While Madison Street Capital continues to be an investment bank, they are able to continue to provide a wide variety of investment advisory services that have helped their clients make some amazing acquisitions and dispositions. The reputation continued to receive a boost over the last weeks as the company has provided great service and guidance for a leading client.


Over the past year, team members at Madison Street Capital have worked with their clients at Sach Capital Group to come up with a strategy to take RMG Networks private. While this looked to be like a very challenging transaction that would come with a lot of different headwinds, Madison Street Capital was able to raise a considerable amount of debt and equity in order to make the deal happen.


The new transaction could be a great deal for Sach Capital Group. The RMG Networks organization is a leading provider of signage media hardware and software. They currently provide services to more than half of all companies that are listed on the Fortune 500 and there is still plenty of room for growth. Due to the debt and equity provided by Virgo Capital and Merion Investment Parners, there is a considerable potential for a strong ROI.


This is just the latest major transaction that was led by Madison Street Capital. Over the past few years, the company has been able to organize a variety of acquisitions dispositions, equity raises, and venture debt originations. All of these transactions have helped the organization to gain a reputation for being a go-to service provider for those that are in need of investment banking advisory services


Industry peers have also recognized the strong services provided by the company. Over the past few years, Madison Street has been recognized at a variety of different industry awards presentations, which shows that they are continuing to gain an impressive following. Madison Street will continue to look for additional ways to serve clients as well.


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