Jeffrey Aronin’s Company And Its Advancements

For more than 20 years, Jeffrey Aronin has established himself as one of the top entrepreneurs and scientific visionaries in healthcare and biotech. He is one of the most successful leaders in the bioscience sector that addresses the previously unmet needs of patients suffering from rare diseases.


As Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, he has been applying his expertise and business energy to building a leading incubator and investor in the field of innovative biotech companies. The company has a passion for science and innovative new medications and technologies that will take better care of patients whose diseases have few, if any, available treatments.


Paragon Biosciences is a life sciences company that is innovation-based. It develops, finances and accelerates new companies that create major biotechnology and pharmaceutical advancements to improve patient care and develop important medicines. The focus is on patients who are suffering from debilitating diseases that have no effective treatment. The Paragon Biosciences team has succeeded in getting 13 Novel Drug Approvals through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a federal agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services.


Jeffrey Aronin realized that has passion was healthcare when he shadowed a physician who was treating a child with constant seizures. Rather than ordering major brain surgery, the physician decided to use a medicine, which showed Aronin the power of pharmaceuticals. That ended up being a huge impact on his career decision and resulted in his founding a company that would understand a patient’s need, identify diseases having the highest need for treatment options, identify promising science, conduct important and necessary clinical research, and focus on forming a team that would get new medicines approved that would lead to better outcomes for the patients.


Jeff Aronin has helped in the building of Paragon and its portfolio companies by forming a strong team of top talents in the biotech industry as well as incorporating blue-chip investors. The companies develop products that treat rare genetic dermatologic conditions, central nervous system disorders, and immune system diseases. Paragon Biosciences is dedicated to reducing the number of over 6,000 diseases that have no treatment or cure.


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