Tengram Capital Partners Acquires E-Commerce Lime Crime Makeup Brand

Russian native Doe Deere founded the Lime Crime cosmetics company in 2008 and quickly built a leading makeup brand on e-commerce. Today, “the little cosmetics label that could” has been acquired by Tengram Capital Partners and is looking to spread its wings and soar higher.

Stacy Panagakis has been named the new CEO of Lime Crime, and she is no stranger to the beauty industry. Panagakis recently served as the general manager of the Fresh company and has the reputation of creating leading brands. She is excited to be working with Lime Crime’s fantastical makeup label and introducing a greater variety of trendy cosmetics.

Deere, Lime Crime’s forever muse, has always believed makeup should be bold and expressive. Panagakis agrees:

Lime Crime is a millennial brand with a message that resonates with women everywhere,” she says.

Lime Crime fills a need in the makeup market because there are few companies that sell whimsical, bright cosmetics. Doe Deere launched the company to offer another makeup experience to customers, one that broke all the beauty rules.

Lime Crime doesn’t look at cosmetics like traditional makeup. The brand likes to add glitter, sparkle and bizarre color palettes to blend with fashion and hair trends. For instance, Lime Crime pushed the envelope, and women now wear grey cement-colored lipstick or rustic red eyeshadow. It’s modern makeup on the cutting edge and also vegan and cruelty-free.

Today, obsessed Lime Crime fanatics cannot wait for new products to drop. The American brand is gaining popularity around the globe, and London is the latest city to feature the contemporary makeup.


Tengram Capital Partners is a leading private equity firm that is thrilled to take Lime Crime to its next plateau. Panagakis says her mission is to smash traditional beauty boundaries, and allow Lime Crime to run free.

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