OSI Group`s Victories

As the leading producer of meat products and value-added foods, OSI Group has striven in the profoundly competitive market for decades. The firm was launched in 1902 and it has since then grown into the largest producer of fresh and high-quality foods. The inventiveness of the firms leaders and team of employees has been attributed to its vast growth as well as the story behind its outstanding number of clients. It relies upon the use of unique approaches in the course of its operations and a vast amount of individuals have highly accr5eduted its leaders for their ability to lead it towards its today’s notable successes.

The firm changed its name in 2004 from OSI Industries to OSI Group LLC. The company offers a broad range of food products for both breakfast and lunch. Among the significant products that they provide to their clients include pizza, hamburger, cooked beef, sausages, poultry, pork, among many more. The firm has striven to exercise diversity in the course of its operations with the aim of addressing the diverse need of its clients. The commitment and collaboration applied by its team of employees are also impressionable.

OSI Group has established an excellent name over the recent years, and today it has acquired a vast number of other prestigious food companies across the globe. The acquisition of the Baho Food plant by the firm marked another step in their development and expansion plans. The firm has continued to acquire more entities around the globe like the Tyson Food Plant. The executives of OSI Group always put the need of their clients at the forefront with the aim of leaving them satisfied with their services. The vast growth marked by OSI Group is a clear proof of the extensive experience that its; leaders possess.

The firm has also received a series of awards for its notable contributions to the economy. It recently won the 2016 globe award, the UK by the British Safety Council. The award sought to recognize the effort of the firm towards offering hygienic foods to their clients that are specially procured through the use of modern equipment.

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Financial Institution to Watch in the Affordable Homes Program in Dallas

NexBank, a Dallas-based leading bank, has dominated the headlines by partnering with Dallas Neighborhood Homes with the sole purpose of providing loans for affordable homes to thousands of Dallas residents. To achieve such an impressive feat, Dallas Neighborhood Homes has pledged to provide inexpensive housing loan programs to underprivileged families in conjunction with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The ultimate goal is to provide over a hundred loans over the next five years to cater for the housing needs for income residents in particular zip codes.

As the mortgage service provider, NexBank is providing $50 million spread out in various loans to support the expansion program over the next five years. In return, Dallas Neighborhood Homes will distribute the funds to loan low-income homebuyers with predefined access to mortgages and offering crucial advice to guide persons preparing for homeownership. The financial institution has also offered to settle the title fees for payments completed according to the closing costs per loan.

While addressing a press conference, Mark Tribuna, Dallas’ Habitat for Humanity Mortgage Operations Senior Vice President, hailed the company’s enormous contribution to envisioning affordable homeownership for thousands of residents in need. By providing residents with affordable homes, individuals shall be in a unique position to improve their living standards. Such a sentiment has been echoed by NexBank’s CEO John Holt.

NexBank Purchases College Savings Bank

Apart from funding affordable homes for the underprivileged, the financial lender has also gone a step further and purchased the Princeton College Savings Bank. The New Jersey-based financial institution is credited with providing over 529 college-saving programs. Even though the former institution will still maintain its name and brand, NexBank’s CEO John Holt insisted that the current operations would be absorbed by NexBank.

According to NexBank’s C.O.O, the acquisition is a positive step in better serving the diverse needs of clients and assisting families to save for college. Not only is it a unique opportunity to diversify the platform but also a stepping stone for growth both in the long and short term.

NexBank’s Profile

NexBank SSB is an affiliate of NexBank Capital Inc, and a leading financial service provider in the U.S and beyond. The institution manages an impressive $35.5 billion in assets spread across institutional services, mortgage and commercial banking. As a testament to its proficiency, its prominent customers include institutional clients, individuals and corporations in need of unrivaled banking services.

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur- Peter Briger

Ever since he began his career, he has been in the finance and investment industries, and he has gained vast skills and experience. Peter Briger started his career working at Goldman Sach &Co, and he worked him up to be appointed the partner in the organization in 1996. Pete is a hardworking leader, and during his service, at Goldman &Sach he was on a variety of committees among them the Global Control Compliance Committee, the Japan Executive Committee, and the Asian Management Committee.

The financial organization believed in Pete, and they gave him some leadership roles in the organization including being the co-head of; Asian Distressed Debt Business, Fixed Income Principle Investment Group, Special Income Principal Investment Group, and Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business, as well as Asian Real Estate Private Equity Business. Mr. Peter Briger later moved to Fortress Investment Group where he was appointed as one of the Principles and the co-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group LLC which is an alternative asset investment firm located in New York. Peter Briger joined the group in 2002, and since then he has been serving as a member of the Management Committee in the organization. Peter has been working with a team of over 300 individuals whose focus has been on illiquid credit investments, undervalue asset, and distressed assets.

After his high school graduation, Peter Briger joined the Princeton University where he graduated with Bachelor’s of Arts and later he joined the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business where he graduated with Masters of Business Administration. Besides his duties and responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group, Peter is also one of the Board of Directors of the Princeton University Investment Company. Recently Peter was appointed by the Center for a New American Security. He was elected as a Security Board Advisor. At Fortress Peter together with his team members have been focusing on assisting developing countries to raise enough capital for the development of infrastructure in their nations. Mr. Briger is a recognized leader and a prominent business person in the world. The Forbes has listed Briger at #962 on the Forbes list of Billionaire. He is passionate about the environment, and he has taken the responsibility to recreate the New York’s Central Park.