Roberto Santiago: the Shopping Visionary

At the end of last year Manaira Shopping went through another expansion, this time in the part of the garage that won an entire building dedicated to the public visits the venture, adding another 900 vacancies.


The work started and delivered in 2017, was supervised by Roberto himself.


The capacity of the Domus house of shows that is in the Manaira Shopping of Roberto Santiago is of 4 thousand people seated or 10 thousand in foot. It has ground floor with space for tables and chairs or dance floor, lounge music, access to dressing rooms and so on.


Roberto Santiago is seen in charge of the reform of parking of one of its shopping malls.


The owner of Manaira Shopping, the Brazilian businessman, born in the capital João Pessoa, Roberto Santiago, was seen by the WSCOM Portal – a news portal in Paraíba – commanding a renovation in the parking lot of the mall. “We need to react,” he said, who also owns Mangabeira Shopping. The businessman also added – “since the crisis has beaten us, now we will reverse and start up, because nothing to do is much worse.”


The Paraibano said that he acts based on planning and economic projections. “We will offer more comfort to our customers,” said Roberto Santiago – who joked about the fact that 24 hours were not enough for so much demand for issues to solve. “It’s part of not having the time,” he said.


Roberto Santiago was born on July 16, 1958 and holds a degree in Business Administration from the University Center of João Pessoa. His entrepreneurial talents were what gave life to the economy of João Pessoa – through two major investments. The first one was Manaira Shopping, inaugurated in 1989. The development is one of the largest shopping centers in the entrepreneur’s hometown – it has already undergone five expansions since it was built and today has about 300 stores distributed over a Gross Lettable Area (GLA) of 75 thousand meters.


The Santiago enterprise also offers cuisine with varied styles – both for those who enjoy fast food and those who prefer something more sophisticated. Manaíra has a food court, hamburgers and restaurants, and Espaço Gourmet offers the most sophisticated chefs in the cuisine of Paraíba. In addition, the mall has a ballroom, gym, branch offices, and even a concert hall.


Mangabeira Shopping, in turn, was another investment by Roberto Santiago that moved the economy of Paraiba. Opened in November 2014, Mangabeira is one of the most modern architectures in Brazil. In benefit to the region, the enterprise generated about three thousand jobs, only at the time of construction of the building. The mall is also one of the great promoters of the development of the south zone of João Pessoa.


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