We Have To Look At Things Differently: The Ideas Of Shervin Pishevar

It takes a special kind of person to say that the economy is headed in the wrong direction when the stock market continues to climb to record highs. You are talking about a person who is not afraid to put his or her reputation on the line. That is exactly the kind of person that Shervin Pishevar really is though.

Shervin Pishevar has already put his reputation on the line when he made a series of early investments in AirBnb. It was not a conventional investment at the time. There was a lot of risk involved. Still, Shervin Pishevar saw this as a golden opportunity to make some money on his money and he took it. That paid off well for him.

These days Shervin Pishevar spends more time talking to the public on Twitter than he does worrying about uncovering the next big thing. He still spends a fair amount of time doing both to be honest. However, the tweets are what has grabbed the attention of people as of late.

Pishevar had been absent from Twitter for some time when he hopped back on with some ideas about the stock market. He called for a twenty percent reduction in prices across all of the major indices in the near future. He says that they need to come off at least that much to get anywhere close to being at fair value. Even at those prices there may be some more room to drop, but Pishevar would take those prices as a start.

Adding on to his thoughts on these subjects is the fact that Pishevar believes firmly that the price of Bitcoin is also too high. He would like to see a pullback in those prices because he feels that people have gotten too excited about the value of Bitcoin as well in recent years. He wants people to have excitement about investing to be sure, but he wants them to be excited about the right kinds of investments. Unfortunately, he does not see Bitcoin as something that falls into that category.

Not everyone agrees with everything that this man has to say. Still, he is a voice worth considering when the topic is investing or economics. He has done a fair bit of work in his personal life to prove that he has some knowledge on these topics.


Doe Deere Supports Women in Business

There is always something amazing to learn from everyone if you listen. Those are the words of Doe Deere, the beautiful makeup mogul who has carved out a name for herself in the industry of makeup, beauty and leadership. Always preaching self-love to women, Deere has been supportive of natural beauty as well. In fact, she even has tutorials on how to handle her makeup and beauty routine. What is more, Deere has been working with different women to make sure that her services to the industry of beauty and make-up extend beyond her primary platform.


Deere was born in Russia. She then grew up in New York. Like many already know, New York is the hotbed of emerging talents. That is how Deere managed to learn a lot to do with makeup. Then, she worked on her fashion and design skills before delving into Lime Crime, where she is now the chief executive officer. Deere believes that every woman, despite her age, should improve herself by all means. That way, it becomes easy to associate at work and in other social places.


Aside from that, Doe Deere is on a sole mission of teaching women how to look their best. Consequently, she preaches a lot about the essence of maintaining a healthy skin regimen. To Deere, women should flow with that looks right at that moment. That is why she is a self-proclaimed unicorn who believes that everything to do with colour turns out to be a fantastic art.


Deere is on a clear mission to prove that cosmetics are not just a way to conceal imperfections. She says in her interviews that in fact, cosmetics can be used for self-expression. To her, beauty does not have to be natural. Neither does an individual have to look their best to be called beautiful. Deere goes on to state that women need to embrace makeup in the sense that it defines their personality and preferences in life.

With that said, Deere launched a colourful cosmetics line in 2008.


Featuring magical as well as cruelty-free cosmetics, Deere’s Lime Crime is the current talk of the town. The line is not only bold bur intensely pigmented, vibrant and animal-friendly as well. It also has a natural flow of fan following, making Deere a person of interest when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. Aside from that, Deere is always using her cosmetic’s line to help women to develop themselves economically. That is why at Lime Crime, there is a team of qualified makeup professionals who understand the various skin types and skin tones including the right product for them. In essence, Doe Deere is a revered skin technician who uses her brand to develop lipsticks, eye shadows, nail polishes and other cosmetics that bear bright colours.


For a young lady who started out small through a course in fashion, design, Deere is set to achieve more in future. That is why she even defines success in her terms and focuses on supporting like-minded individuals. What is more, Deere stamps her success by supporting other women’s businesses.


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The Impressive Accomplishments of Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago is a renowned personality in Brazil as an author, scriptwriter, investor, and a qualified film director. However, most people know Mr. Santiago as the owner of the largest shopping center in Pessoa known as Manaira Shopping Mall. Since the mall was opened in Paraiba in 1989, it has continued to benefit people in the area significantly. People find the most exciting destinations in the mall to be leisure and entertainment premises. The shopping center is quite busy because people visit it for different reasons such as shopping, gym, colleges, movie theatres, and conferences. The profits earned from the business premises have been increasing consistently since the mall started operating. Sales increased in 2015 by 6.5 percent which represented an estimated turnover of about 150 billion.


Manaira Shopping Mall performs well even in unfavorable economic times due to the outstanding management and leadership skills of Roberto Santiago. The strategic location of the shopping center gives business owners confidence in their investments. The features that make Manaira one of the leading shopping malls in Brazil is its use of modern technology. For instance, movie theatres are equipped with the most recent projection and sound systems. The arena is made up of three sections which are the account, VIP room, and the 3D room. Also, the Park Game Station has an advanced entertainment grid and advanced gaming equipment.


One of most famous places in Manaira Shopping Mall is the Domus Hall. The hall is located on the rooftop of the building. The Domus Hall can accommodate a total of fourteen thousand guests. Domus Hall comprises two floors which are used to hold different types of events such as mega shows and weddings among others. People learn more about different cultures from the exhibitions held in the shopping center. There are also numerous learning opportunities for students due to the accessibility of different types of displays.


Mr. Roberto is always actively trying to look for other strategies for improving the shopping center. Apart from Manaira Shopping Mall, Santiago also owns Mangabeira Shopping Center which started operating in 2014. The latter is as well impressive with huge space and quality features. Mangabeira also improves the living standards of people by providing employment opportunities.


Roberto Santiago remains to be a role model to most entrepreneurs due to his hard work and contributions to the economy of Pessoa. Mr. Santiago is also a learned individual who pursued Business Administration at Joao Pessoa University. The knowledge and skills Roberto acquired helps him to invest in viable business opportunities. Santiago has gone through several challenges before he became successful. After completing his studies, he became a blogger where he focused on Brazilian history. Additionally, he joined the film production industry.